COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction

Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education

Since 2003, the Collaborative on Careers in Higher Education has been surveying faculty at institutions across the country.  Working in partnership with participating institutions, the COACHE team provides a three-year membership that includes:  administering a survey to all tenured and tenure-track faculty; summarizing and analyzing the survey results for the chief academic officer of the institution; following up with key university personnel to distribute the results and interpret the potential policy and procedure changes that would impact areas identified through the analysis.

COACHE at University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas participated in COACHE in 2009-10 and again in 2013-14.  Over that time frame, COACHE changed the survey population from tenure-track faculty only to all tenured and tenure-track faculty.  The summaries of the two different survey administrations are not directly comparable because of the change in the population.

Survey results will be presented to the Chancellor’s Executive Committee, the Academic Affairs Executive Group, and the Faculty Senate.

The Provost’s office will continue to disseminate information about the survey results to groups across the campus and will work in collaboration with the COACHE research team on best practices for addressing concerns raised in the survey results.

COACHE 2013-2014 Survey

COACHE 2009-2010 Survey